Monday, 5 October 2015

4K Twitter Wall for Nvidia Shield Launch

Last Week was an exciting week for us. We did our first event with Google at their London HQ, and we also created our first 4K resolution ThinkWall, in conjunction with Nvidia for the launch of their new Shield TV device.

@spode stands proud with his latest creation
When designing and creating ThinkWall, we always ask "what if?" and one of those early questions was, "what if people want non-standard resolutions?". So from the very beginning we designed it to work at any aspect ratio, orientation and resolution.

We scale to fit any screen and can even compensate for common AV woes like overscan or incorrectly interpreted feeds. We also use some rather complex scaling algorithms to make our tweets as legible as possible, which in our minds is the ultimate goal. It doesn't matter how pretty it looks if people can't read it.

Credit to @NicolasCatard for taking this lovely photo of ThinkWall in action.
We've been waiting for an excuse to work on a 4K ThinkWall and thankfully Nvidia came to use with that requirement. They had a number of 65" 4K screens that not only needed tweets and photos, but also needed to display 4K video at intervals throughout the day, or on demand. Being a graphics company, Nvidia's standards in this area are very high and they certainly weren't disappointed.
"Seeing a ThinkWall in 4K really is a thing of beauty - an easy way for your audience to share high resolution photos, videos, and of course live reaction to your event. Feedback has been consistently excellent and events now simply don't feel complete without one!"
- Ben Berraondo, Head of Consumer PR EMEAI, Nvidia
We showed their 4K promotional video every 15 minutes, inside a branded template.
ThinkWall has excellent video support - caching everything beforehand so that you never see any buffering or stuttering. This also means we can work well on slow connections as it doesn't actively do any streaming - just an initial download.

We obviously support full screen, but by using our design work in this way, you still get the benefit of a branded wall, with the #tag on display for later engagement.

Here the @thinkwall was used a backdrop during filming.
A common scene throughout the night - people pointing at tweets and photos of interest.
All in all it was an amazing night and everything went off without a hitch!

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