Monday, 12 January 2015

New Year - New Features for ThinkWall

Lots of great new ideas came our way in 2014, and we have incorporated the best of these into our roadmap for ThinkWall product development through 2015. Over the winter break we put the first of these new features through testing, we're pleased to be able to officially announce everything is ready for use at your events.

Why not arrange for a demo today, to see these new features in action and discuss your 2015 events.

Twitter Cards

As part of the #BeerForThat campaign, we were given the challenge of rendering Twitter Cards. We’re delighted to say this is now available to everyone. If you tweet a link that uses Twitter Cards we’ll include those in the display. Twitter Cards containing photos will be added into the normal photo slideshow, other card types are rendered directly below the tweet with image thumbnail and description.

Configuration Templates

It’s useful to be able to configure the look and feel of walls from a desktop computer, before any walls at the event are setup. That’s now possible - you can set any wall configuration to be the “template” wall. This means that any future walls that are launched will take these settings, instead of the ThinkWall defaults. This, on top of our already flexible configuration system, empowers you to configure your walls quickly and easily.

Grid Layout

Several clients have requested a Pinterest style grid layout, and as always, we’ve listened. You can define the number of columns/rows you want in your grid and configure various other settings such as border, colours and spacing. Legibility is very important to us and always takes priority over gimmicks. Even in a grid layout, ThinkWall will scale your content to fit perfectly at the maximum font size available. We have ensured that text will never be too small to read. For those who prefer a neatly tiled grid, you can choose to lock each box at a fixed size.

Some customers don’t like having an individual photos box, so we’ve also taken this opportunity to render photos as thumbnails, in the same way we render Twitter Cards. This means you’re able to have photos displayed inline with the rest of the tweets.

Creating this system required quite a rewrite of our rendering engine, which of course has been tested thoroughly to our strict standards to maintain our robust platform. In the process we have made speed improvements for those stuck with older laptops, and added new animations for those who want to cause a little more distraction. These include an explosion effect, amongst several other more subtle animations.

Maximum Approved User Tweets

As a way of stopping people repeatedly spamming or flooding ThinkWall, we’ve always had the option of restricting the number of tweets per user. However, this can be annoying if you don’t want your own client/organiser’s tweets being restricted too. We’ve added in a separate setting just for your approved accounts, so you can put emphasis on your own social media content should you want.


We’ve always tried to make moderation a simple task, now we’ve made this faster too. Content is now displayed in a list, rather than individually, making it easier to see an overview of what you’re working on. ThinkWall intelligently selects which tweet is in your focus, so there are no additional clicks required with this approach.

We’ve increased the number of keyboard shortcuts available too, there’s a help button with a full list of these for your reference. You can now do everything without ever touching the mouse, making for super speedy moderation.

Somewhat controversially, we have added the ability to edit message body text. We create the tool, so it’s up to you how you use it - but be careful on the possible impact this can have by editing people’s content that their name is attributed to. We would only recommend this for starring out profanity or correct spellings, without changing meaning.

Interested in a demo? Email today.

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