Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Behavioural Science for Tech Startups Presentation (Grosvenor Casinos Networking Event)

Grosvenor Casinos invited us to give a speech at the Tech Startup Networking Event a few weeks back. Our director, Dan Monsieurle, gave a speech on behavioural science, hoping to inspire fellow entrepreneurs with some practical examples.

Dan’s speech challenged the role of non-technical founders and sought to use behavioural science as a a way to understand why their marketing and sales campaign are so successful, or not. The main area that covered was cognitive dissonance as a way to inject conflicting communication that might sway the decisions faced by a potential customer.

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The speech was unfortunately not filmed. Don’t worry however, more detailed blogs about the talk will be posted later; going into greater depths about specific topics in behavioural science. Dan’s speaker notes can also be obtained from the slideshow, so an insight into his (slightly strange) mind is always available.

Practical examples were featured where cognitive dissonance has been able to dispel myths from large marketing campaigns. The example given was the Dollar Shave Club, in this brilliant example Michael Dubin manages to turn a warehouse full of $1 razor blades into a company worth $10 Million! Michael noticed people were overpaying for a supposedly more “comfortable” shave when they didn't need to, and could instead save a lot of money.

Coincidentally, Michael Dubin spoke at Financial Times’ September #FTMarketing event in New York. ThinkWall was there to boost audience social media engagement, and captured these 5 key points to consider when creating social content.
  1. What problem(s) are you solving?
  2. Identify the shared human experience
  3. Build creative around it
  4. Brevity
  5. Surprise me
Michael’s advice is clear and simple, definitely a useful process to follow. It’s easy to see how this has been used successfully at Dollar Shave Club.

We’d like to thank Grosvenor Casinos for allowing us to attend and speak, I really hope those that came were inspired and perhaps learned something new. We look forward to speaking to you again! :)

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