Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Wesleyan Conference Case Study

One of the most exciting events we’ve done recently was with Stray Cat for the Wesleyan insurance’s annual conference at the ICC Birmingham in March. During the conference itself we utilised our Q&A Voting feature to gather questions from the audience for the guest speaker. This just so happened to be Joanna Lumley fresh from her role on Wolf of Wall Street, so the ability to filter out (through our moderation feature) the forty or so questions asking for Leonardo Di Caprio’s phone number came in very useful!

The Q&A feature works using the moderation inbox, which collects all incoming tweeted or texted questions in the control panel that you have access to through any smart phone, laptop or tablet. You can then select your favourite questions and ‘stick’ them onto the screen as they are answered. Who chooses the questions can vary between a manager backstage, as it was with this event, or the chairperson can do it themselves on stage using a tablet or smartphone, as we did with ‘An Audience With Sir Alan Sugar’ for NABS UK.

(Control panel in use at the Q&A session)

After the conference there was a dinner planned for the entire company, during which there was a fundraiser for Birmingham Children’s Hospital and prizes were to be given out at random to those in audience who had donated. Wesleyan were looking for a way to do both the fundraising electronically, whereby making donations was appealing and tracking the donations could be done easily.

The solution we came up with was to create a custom display with Wesleyan’s branding. On this display was a unique phone number and two words, ‘Care’ and ‘Quality’, representing £5 and £10 donations respectively. Users would text one of those words to the number, which would collect the donations through an external partner that dealt with the electronic payments.

In order to encourage more donations from the audience, we made it possible for the user to text in a personal message along with the donation and have it appear on the display, the messages would scroll just like a Twitter wall and a lot of people took this opportunity to give their backing to the hospital, which many of them had been supporting for years.

A second feature we added was a donation bar along the bottom of the screen which moved in real time as the donations came in and had a number of different targets that would reset the bar once reached. We have found that having a target on the screen really encourages people to donate in order to get the bar to the next level. Using these tactics we raised over £3400, smashing the target that the client was initially hoping - a fantastic result.

If you have an event coming up and like the idea of the features you have just read and would like to know more, you can email us at bookings@thinkwall.com or call us on 020 3026 0693.


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