Tuesday, 18 March 2014

10 Event Resources To Follow On Twitter

If you are an event organiser - whether for a charity, company or just for fun - then it’s always good to keep up-to-date with the latest news and trends within the event industry.

But where can you find the best information and what are the most useful resources to check out? Here’s our top 10 places to check out on Twitter, along with @ThinkWall naturally.

Event Industry News

As the name suggests, its own website is packed full of detail on everything that’s going on in the world of events. You’ll find the top headlines via its Twitter feed @EventNewsBlog. It claims to be read by 35,000 event professionals each month, so you probably don’t want to be the one who misses out.


This hashtag is a must to keep tabs on, and use in your own tweets to ensure others working in events can find what you have to say. Keep #EventProfs saved in your Twitter search or as a defined column in your Twitter app of choice and you’ll never miss an important event-related tweet again.

Conference News

As a magazine dedicated to the UK conference and meetings scene, this by default is a resource well worth checking out via @Conference_News. According to a recent tweet, the events industry in the UK is now worth £39.1bn - so it’ll surely pay to keep up with the latest details it offers.

International Confex

This event has just taken place in London and is the place to be for anyone working in events. Now owned by Mash Media (also owns Conference News and Exhibition News). The show floor was full of venues to exhibit at, products to buy and services to use - and we @ThinkWall were there wandering round observing too. But if you couldn't make it along then check out the #loveconfex hashtag or the official @IntlConfex handle.

Event Technology Awards

We love technology here at ThinkWall. Heck, it is why we exist. And this award ceremony is dedicated to the technology used at events. So in order to keep updated on the latest trends, follow @EventTechAwards and its sister Twitter feed @EventTechLive.

Association of British Professional Conference Organisers

Imagine having to type that mouthful of a title into every single tweet. Well, you don’t have to as its been slimmed-down into the much easier to remember @ABPCO. Which is lucky because you wouldn’t have much room left in a tweet otherwise after using that full name.

International Special Events Society UK

Representing the UK chapter of the organisation, the @ISES_UK feed features lots of examples, ideas and links to how things are being done. It’s a useful resource focusing primarily on what’s happening on these shores.

The Meetings Industry Association

Another association that’s worth following at @MIAuk. There are plenty of useful Retweets that are bound to offer followers something to follow up on within their own event provision and organising.


It’s a bit obvious but if you’re not already keeping one eye on the #Events hashtag then perhaps you are in the wrong industry. OK, it is a strange mixture of tweets because not all of them revolve around the actual event industry but there are some gems to discover - not least this piece we found looking at how Google Glass will be used at events.

Event Magazine

With nearly 40,000 followers, this should be No1 on your list. It’s No10 on ours because we didn't want you to have forgotten about it by the time you got to the end of this piece. With more event-related stories than you will ever find time to read, it’s a must follow @Eventmagazine

Bonus - Event Manager Blog

Last week Dan met Julius Solaris (@tojulius) at the Table Crowd dinner. I'm told there was a consistent and collective praise from the event startup CEOs for the Event Manager Blog which has a strong presence on Twitter, follow @EventMB

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