Thursday, 13 March 2014

10 Cats To Follow On Twitter

Hello again. Geoff from Marketing here once more (Although I've hijacked David's blogger account - muahaha). Now you might not be aware that I have my own Twitter account @GeoffTheKitten.

As the name suggests, I opened it at an early age, full of the promise of social media… in the hope I’d meet lots of new and exciting people, update it a dozen times a day and broaden my horizons.

But a year on, I only have SEVEN Followers. And one of those is my boss.

So, in a bid to boost the numbers interested in me, I’ve resorted to the internet’s favourite topic - CATS - and produced this list of 10 Felines To Follow On Twitter.


As the UK’s top charity for the welfare of my furry friends, they’re surely your No1 follow - after @GeoffTheKitten of course. Check them out for all the latest ways to help cats and kittens with fundraising to ensure the poorer felines among us have fresh milk to drink and a place to sleep and call home.


Seeing as this account has got 136,000 followers, I am obviously doing something wrong, somewhere. Apparently this is the “official Twitter” for “the world’s grumpiest cat”. It’s packed with pictures of, erm, grumpy cats. Right, I’m off to find some things to moan about and increase my popularity by being even grumpier!


The page for the cartoon cat has 123,000 followers. Guess I need my own strip if I am to follow in the same paw steps. When I say strip, I mean cartoon strip. Not like undressing. That would be weird. And it’s really not the way to try and win followers on Twitter. Save it for SnapChat.


Oh come on now. Nearly 1.4 MILLION people follow this cat. Ok the updates are funny but what does a newbie need to do to get in on this social media phenomenon. My day just really isn’t that interesting to tweet about every five minutes.


As well as pictures, this account also offers some inspirational thoughts and comments on cats. There’s also the odd bit of explanation about why we do what we do. I’m finding it ever so useful for understanding my own feline friends.


Surely this is cheating. Mixing Twitter and Instagram is like watering down my milk. But it obviously works as it has 46,000 followers thanks to more images of cats and kittens than you could ever surely need in one day.


There’s nothing like a kitten pic to perk you up. Well so they tell me. I’m not sure what all the fuss is about myself. Anyway, this account is followed by 354,000 fans who obviously feel that an emergency kitten a day keeps the doctor (or vet) away.


Ok, this one is more like it. This cat is hilarious. He or She should be doing standup somewhere. If you fancy a laugh then there’s plenty to be had here, and best of all, the jokes aren’t about cats. It’s not been updated in a while though but you can still raise a chuckle reading through the old Tweets.


I feel really sorry for this feline. Not only is its life going bad, it feels the need to tell everyone about it. That’s 10,500 people tuning in to enjoy the suffering. How rude! Anyway, if you wish to jump on the bandwagon and feel the feline’s fears, go ahead. If it really wanted it all to be private, I suppose it could padlock the account.


What do you mean they’re not actually a feline? Look, they have Kitten in their name and that’s good enough for me. If you want to find out the latest from Natasha, Liz and Kerry, then this is the place. Altogether now… You can make me Whole Again!


Right, this is obviously an 11th account and I said I’d do 10. But technically this account isn’t a cat. They just have a cat working for them - ME! So if you want to ensure I keep my job, give us a follow. We tweet about our Twitter wall technology for events and it’s my job to ensure more people know about us and what we do. So come on, otherwise I’m going to be in trouble.

Got a favourite cat on Twitter? Let us know…

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