Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Let’s cat out all the business buzzwords

I’m Geoff. And for those of you who don’t already know, I work in Marketing here at ThinkWall. And yes, I’m a cat. Get. Over. It.

Now here at ThinkWall we pride ourselves on straight-talking. Marketing is full of buzzwords and language that you’d never hear on the street or down the pub. 

Unless, of course, you were walking down a street housing various large advertising and marketing agencies before stopping for a swift Prosecco at the pub next door to them.

And it got me thinking... why can’t more people in creative industries just talk normally. Did you see this piece from econsultancy.com? It picks the 10 fastest rising digital buzzwords of 2013. Check it out - http://econsultancy.com/blog/63934-10-fast-rising-digital-buzzwords-of-2013-and-what-they-mean

They include ‘Big Data’ otherwise known as facts, figures and statistics; Responsive Design, or as I call it, a website made to look ok on a mobile or tablet; and Agile Marketing, aka someone doing their job properly and reacting to what’s happening around them to create stuff that people are actually interested in.

Oh and then there's Omnichannel, which I thought at first was a type of galactic-available perfume. Actually it's something God-like that appears everywhere, even if you didn’t ask it to or expect it.

I long for the days when people just spoke simply. As a cat, I can express myself without even using words. You only have to look at me to know what I want or am thinking. Usually ‘Can I have some milk’ and ‘Why is this person cooing at me like I am a baby?’.

That's why ThinkWall is different. We know how annoying it is when you're patronised, talked down to or generally left nodding along politely when you've absolutely no idea what the other person is talking about.

If you come and talk to us about using our Twitter wall technology at your event, we won’t blind you with buzzwords. We’ll ask what you need and explain the options available clearly and concisely so you understand how we work, how it fits in with you and why it'll bring benefits to your business.

That’s what makes us interesting. In a world packed with plenty of corporate bulls, you'll get a casual cat who gives it to you straight. 

Now if you’d be so kind as to let me get back to work, I’ve got a thought shower to attend to develop our new blue sky strategy to ensure we remain the most agile and driven omnichannel company offering a value proposition that encourages a two-way conversation showing you as a thought leader within your 360 campaign.

What buzzwords get your goat? Let us know and we'll add them to our banned list. [Boss: We don't have a banned list. Geoff: We do now!]

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