Friday, 24 January 2014

Slidedeck: Future of Event Technologies - presented to EMA panel

It’s been a mega busy couple of weeks here at ThinkWall - not least because I was invited to speak at the Event Marketing Association’s recent Event Technology panel.

I’d been asked to share my thoughts and insights on the future of event technologies, a presentation which turned into a very interesting discussion about the way social media is used at events.

You can see my slide deck in full below (including a picture of me as Iron Man) but away from the fancy dress, in this blog post I wanted to address three main areas I feel are worthy of consideration. All three form the cornerstone of our work at ThinkWall.

Your Stories: Your story isn’t necessarily defined by your marketing department. In fact, they possibly tell your story the worst of anyone, because they’re too close to it. The best stories are told by those outside of this bubble across numerous smart devices and ThinkWall harnesses these through the tweets we display at events. At the recent Pure London Fashion Show, we had a ThinkWall alongside every catwalk, allowing everyone to see instant reactions to the designs on display and the real feelings from the showfloor.

Your Data: Everyone is talking about Big Data these days, like numbers and statistics had never existed before. But they are becoming far more important because these sets of data can influence every area of your business model. Seeing in black and white the extent to which people engage with your brand, how they use it and what they do with it can be sobering for some who may have other perceived ideas. But it’s crucial to your commercial future and using a ThinkWall to display and analyse the tweets written about you is one simple way of data-mining.

Your Event: ThinkWall is not simply about seeing a stream of tweets in isolation. Although collating these is an important element to what we do. But we encourage a two-way conversation between you and your visitors. ThinkWall can be used for voting purposes to understand what’s hot and what’s not. You can offer competitions, create Q&A sessions or encourage people to network more efficiently because they are able to identify each other more easily. And by doing so, they’ll identify more clearly and closely with you too. That's because you - through our ThinkWall technology - have facilitated it.

But what do you think? I posed the following question to our email database but I’d really appreciate your thoughts on it too. So tell us: What is the single piece of technology you think is still missing from events? Maybe we’ll post some of the best answers on the blog another time.

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