Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Gift of the Guide

So it’s the new year again. It just keeps happening doesn’t it? Despite all those zombies, Large Hadron Colliders and Twilight fans that threatened to destroy everything, we’ve made it to 2014, which I suppose is enough of a reason to celebrate and throw around one last bit of Christmas cheer.

So, in the spirit of generosity and repetition, we at ThinkWall thought we’d write another awesome guide to follow on from our previous one that showed you how best to use social media at events (click here to get your free copy).

I know what you’re thinking, ‘ThinkWall you stylish rapscallion, why would you, a groundbreaking, dynamic social media events service, produce a guide on not using social media for an event?’.

To which we’d say, ‘Well Rupert’, because your name would be Rupert, ‘being the revolutionary, well groomed and recently waxed service that we are, it occurs to us that there are a number of events happening which want to involve audience participation, but don’t want the conversation they’re having broadcast to the wider world’.

‘For example Rupert, lets say that Blofeld, Skeletor or The League of Evil are holding their AGM in a hollowed-out volcano and want to take a vote from their minions on whether next year’s overly elaborate death trap will feature sharks, piranhas or particularly rabid Bielibers. With ThinkWall’s SMS voting and Q&A functionality, you can gather and review your audiences feedback in realtime and neither the public nor the FBI (oh wait) nor… Batman will be any the wiser.’

‘Where can I find a copy of such a fine guide?’ You say, your bobble hat jiggling with anticipation.

‘Why Rupert you impetuous little scamp, just click the link and we can send you a copy of our non-social media guide right away’.





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