Tuesday, 14 January 2014

10 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Using Social Media At Events

We asked some of our regular clients if they could provide us with some tips for how they’ve got the most out of ThinkWall and what advice would give to others who were considering using us. This is what they came back with:

 1. Make sure you’ve got a lot of charging points around the venue. If people are going to be on their phones all day they’ll run out of battery life fast and you don’t want that happening before the afternoon sessions featuring ‘text in your questions’ to the panel.

 2. If possible you should have a ‘Social Host’ at the event. This could be a celebrity who is recognised for and comfortable with using social media regularly and who will tweet lots and encourage others to tweet. This has really helped to drive interaction on the day and establish a dialogue between the visitors and the organisers.

 3. Where you put the screens in your venue is really important, they are there to help and encourage people to interact so they need to be in prominent places where visitors will stop and look at them.

 4. If you have a team of people responsible for social media on the day, have them together in a ‘command centre’. From there you can organise any official communications and respond quickly to any problems. Don’t forget to give them a walkie talkie or phone numbers for your ops team!

 5. Monitoring is a full time job. If you have a large event with lots of people tweeting, messages will back up very quickly if someone is not monitoring the inbox and negative comments could slip through.

 6. You cannot remind people enough of the event hashtag. Put it everywhere until people see it when they shut their eyes, then they’ll remember it!

 7. Get people to start thinking about interacting by handing out WiFi and social media information when they arrive, together on the same information slip. Better still - on the back of their lanyards.

 8. If you are going to be monitoring the walls and running the Q&A sessions yourself. Make sure you have a training session with ThinkWall before you start! We’ll make sure you’re going about it the best way.

 9. Check what the WiFi and phone signal is like around the venue before the event starts. If most of the event is underground with no signal then don’t expect people to text in!

 10. Negative messages on a screen really have an effect on other people’s view of your event, so really think about what you are going to allow to be displayed. 

 Thanks to our clients for their input, we hope you have found this useful. As always, if you have any questions just get in touch by phone 020 3026 0693 or email bookings@thinkwall.com and we’ll help you.

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