Sunday, 1 December 2013

Writing on the Wall

At ThinkWall, we know the writing's on the wall for old-fashioned ways of getting your message across.

After wall, sorry all, we offer the chance for anyone to have their opinions heard at your event.

By installing a ThinkWall at a party, conference, or even a party conference, the tweets of wall, sorry (again) all, of your guests can be displayed on a big screen for everyone to see.

Naturally we can filter out profanities or words and phrases you don't want to be seen, but it's a great way to have everyone get connected and spread their thoughts wall, grrrr all, over the room.

Which got us thinking. What would a host of famous Walls write on a ThinkWall? Here's what we came up with:

The Great Wall of China

How would you like it if you had thousands of pairs of feet walking over you every single day? We've really got terrible brick-ache.

Hadrian's Wall

And to think after all these thousands of years, we could well need to be rebuilt if those North of us vote for Independence from the South.

London Wall

Those Romans sure knew how to build for the future. Not like today's cowboys. They'd have put up a bit of plasterboard and slapped on cement.

Just another Random Wall 

So one minute you're just standing here minding your own business, then some guy comes along with a load of paint and you're worth millions!

Max Wall

I wonder if John Cleese will do his Silly Walk during Monty Python's reunion tour. Did you know that sketch was actually inspired by me?

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