Tuesday, 17 December 2013

10 Reasons To Think ThinkWall At Your Event

If you're planning an event there's a few things that automatically go on the checklist.

Venue (as big as possible), Food (as small and tasty as possible), Drink (as cold and refreshing as possible), Guests (as accommodating and interested as possible) - and a tweet wall (as integrated and informative as possible).

Ah, what do you mean you haven't even considered the last one? A Twitter wall might not be top of your list but it should certainly be near the top.

And here are 10 reasons why you should always be thinking ThinkWall...

1) We're nice to work with. After all, you don't really want to tweet people you don't like and the same goes for tweet-walling with.

2) Whether it's a trade show, exhibition, conference or product launch, our ThinkWall is easy to set up and implement, whatever your event.

3) We bespoke our service. No event is alike and we don't do off the shelf. Our setup matches your requirements to the letter, or character.

4) We do the planning and bring the equipment. You don't have to break sweat or lift a finger. Except to shake our hands for a job well done.

5) You don't need to worry about anything that shouldn't be seen or read. We can blacklist words or phrases to keep your ThinkWall clean.

6) A ThinkWall is controlled by us, or you, all from a computer or smartphone, whether locally or remotely. Our system is simple yet effective.

7) We personalise design, moderate content, schedule posts and can use multiple screens and projectors. ThinkWall is built around you, by us.

8) Knowing your attendees' thoughts is great for them and you. Seeing their thinking in real-time is the best way for their voices to be heard.

9) Your ThinkWall is not dependent on an active internet connection. It will always display information even if Twitter or the Wi-Fi goes down.

10) We always think in 140 characters or less. In fact, did you notice that each of these reasons is no longer than the length of a tweet.

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