Monday, 11 November 2013

justFDI: The Story So Far

Have you seen The Postman? Not the guy in a red van with a cat called Jess - the film with Kevin Costner. I know it was rubbish but bear with me.

The year is 2013, the world has been virtually destroyed by some unspecified but horrible event, probably Piers Morgan, and bands of ragtag survivors are scratching a living in the dirt, dressed in whatever they can find and desperate for any kind of communication with the world around them, much like the Welsh.

Into this nightmarish scenario steps Kevin Costner and a dodgy script. Now it’s been about 16 years since I saw The Postman and I wasn’t paying attention to begin with, but my jumbled memories and Wikipedia tell me that Kev sets about restoring hope to the nation by finally bringing people their lost letters, takeaway menus and various backdated Christmas presents. The whole film is a lesson in how communication helps to bring civilisation back together and how not to do editing.

The point of this bit of nostalgia for one of Hollywood’s more forgettable moments is that it provides a vivid, if rather tortured metaphor for the birth of justFDI!

Yes it does, shut up.

justFDI was formed a couple of years ago by Andrew Spode Miller and Dan Monsieurle in an attempt to disguise their unspoken and confused feelings for one another. Using their superior knowledge of communications, events and cat memes they decided to create a way to allow event organisers to use social media internally at their events, enabling them to communicate and interact more efficiently with their audiences by swapping messages and information, just like a post office! (seamless - see?).

This creation, later named ThinkWall in a ceremony reminiscent of that opening scene from The Lion King, has been going from strength to strength over the years. Its list of features, ranging from live video streaming to instantaneous text voting, is now so all-encompassing and useful that any event organiser who doesn’t jump at the chance of using it should be immediately fired. Out of a cannon. Into the Sun.

Not simply content with overhauling the very way humanity communicates, justFDI has diversified in a way only the most dynamic of tech startups could - by buying a lava lamp and pink cushions.

Oh, and also by merging with ThinkBikes, a mountain bike stunt display team that Andrew originally ran in his spare time. Performing around the UK and Europe to great acclaim and to more than a few over excited toddlers, ThinkBikes brings some of the best riders in the country together to create a fun and exciting display, which to this day has yet to kill or permanently maim any member of an audience.

What does the future hold for justFDI? Well, check back here every week for updates, fun, games and far more useful blog posts than this one. Possibly.

by David Miller, tentatively still in employment at justFDI

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