Friday, 15 November 2013

Holidays are coming!

Christmas is just around the corner and if you're holding a party or event for staff, colleagues, clients, friends or family then a ThinkWall is the perfect present for them.

We'll nip down to your venue on our sleigh and set up a system allowing all guests to exchange tweets on the big screen. It'll save on Christmas cards.

So while everyone is eating, drinking and being merry, you can have a visual real-time record of the night's antics - along with a hard reminder the next day of the foolery when everyone has sobered up.

But if you need any more persuasion, then here are 10 reasons why you need to have a ThinkWall at your Christmas party or event.
  1. Tweet the DJ. Little bits of folded up paper are so 2003 when trying to ask whoever is behind the decks for a song. And they can never hear what you're saying either. ThinkWall takes the pain out of that and we can even ban the term "Cliff Richard". 
  2. Let your staff tweet their list to Father Christmas so this year's Secret Santa presents from colleagues can be a bit more useful. No more novelty or embarrassing saucy gifts handed around the office. And that means no more complaints to HR.
  3. Everyone loves a festive photo at Christmas and ThinkWall can create a picture stream of selfies, fancy dress, celebrations and strange dance moves as everyone fills the screen with their snaps. And while they are busy taking pictures, they can't be photocopying their bum.
  4. Just like Santa does at this time of year, you'll be able to check the list, sorry timeline, (twice) and find out who's been naughty and who's been nice. There will be plenty to weigh up when deciding who is still deserving of that Christmas bonus.
  5. Our ThinkWall can be fully branded up with your logo, corporate colours and key messages. And because it's Christmas, we can even give the design a bit of festive flair. We can deck the wall with boughs of holly, fa, la la la la, la la la la. 
  6. Create a hashtag game for the evening. This'll be fun. Get your guests tweeting along to a specific theme related to your company and to Christmas. So if you're in PR, you could do #PRXmasSongs for example… like I Wish It Could Be Coverage Everyday.
  7. Our technology can filter out specific words or phrases preventing a party pooper from spoiling all the fun for the rest of the room. We can customise a blacklist and if you want to have total control, you can approve every tweet first. And see who's trying their luck.
  8. Make announcements and give out awards. As the end of the year approaches, why not host your own internal awards ceremony through the ThinkWall, announcing the winners of your own chosen categories. Don't use it to hand out P45s though. There's no Christmas cheer in that.
  9. As our ThinkWall is easy to set up and runs using a projector and laptop, you can place it anywhere. So wherever the venue for your party or event, our elves will be able to install the technology and make our presents felt. Sorry, presence.
  10. Christmas is all about being social. And there's nothing more social than ThinkWall. It's the perfect gift this season and will entertain, inform and ultimately bring your employees closer together. But we take no responsibility for the couple together in the stationary cupboard.
Need something quick and simple? We have festive templates ready to roll - check out our Christmas themed edition.

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